Veggie Box Thursday


Such an exciting day! I got several comments on my previous post! I’m so excited to be getting out there and meeting other moms in the blog world :)


Ok, another “when I was pregnant…” post. So yeah, when I was pregnant with Leo, I decided that I wanted to try to introduce more veggie and fruit variety into our lives… for our sakes and so that Leo would grow up knowing about all sorts of different kinds of foods. JC and I are relatively adventurous eaters, but unfortunately I tend get stuck in a cooking rut really easily and only prepare my tried and true recipes. I decided to try a veggie box delivery so that it would surprise me and force us to try new things. We went with a delivery from Farm Fresh to You every other week because it’s mostly local and it’s all organic… so far it’s been really successful. I’ve used more fennel, parsley, and different types of mushrooms than I definitely would have otherwise. Of course I may have stumbled across recipes with these at some point, but I love opening my box and experiencing the challenge of finding out how to use what I get each week.


This week we got….



- 4 Navel oranges (we’ll probably use this for juice or sliced up as a snack)

- 1 Cal Rio grapefruit (though I think they gave me an extra orange instead… not thrilled about that)

- 2 Hass avocados (for tacos, burgers, and sandwiches)

- .5lb English peas

- 1 Box strawberries (for our morning oatmeal)

- 1 Bunch white beech mushrooms

- .5lb Brussels sprouts (I’ll probably roast these with lemon juice and parmesan and then pair it with some risotto)

- 1 Bunch Nantes carrots (Usually I serve these as a side to a sandwich with hummus)

- 1 Bunch lettuce (Also for sandwiches and burgers)


The peas and the mushrooms have me scratching my head though. Last time I got these mushrooms I made this pizza, but I think I’d like to mix it up. I just found this broccoli/mushroom stir fry that sounds good, so I’ll probably serve that over some brown rice. 


Ok so the peas… I’m going to be perfectly honest, but really I don’t like peas. Particularly English peas because they conjure up pictures of mushy peas from our dishes in England (Ugh). I can tolerate them if they’re mixed in a sauce, but alone? Not so much. I kind of cringed when I saw them in there, but that’s why I’m doing this right? To be more adventurous. About 10 pages of Foodgawker later, I think I found what we’re going to try… Cauliflower and pea curry. I haven’t had a taste for curry since I was pregnant, but again it might be worth a try. 


I’ll try to do this every other week when I get my boxes because I really think it’s awesome to try eat more locally, with more variety, more flavors, and more adventurous in general. :)


– Lauren


(PS: not sponsored by anyone, I just like our veggie delivery service and wanted to give a shout out)


  1. We’ve gotten english peas in our box a few times recently and they were great in both a stirfry and fried rice. Throw them in near the end to avoid over cooking. Another idea would be to cook them however you like then mush with fork in a bowl with salt/pepper and olive oil then use to top toasted baguette drizzled with olive oil. You could probably add parmesan to that. ;-)

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